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Essential Scaffold Components

scaffold pieces

A single scaffold bay incorporates a variety of parts, each with their own purpose, to create functioning workspace. All pieces fit together exactly to safeguard workers while also maintain strength and stability for extended periods of time. The list below covers Kwikstage scaffold components, but, many parts below are universal across a variety of different […]

The Benefits of Scaffold Maintenance

importance of scaffold maintenance

Scaffolding provides access for hard-to-reach areas allowing builders to complete work in a safe manner. For Scaffolds to be secure, parties involved (either employment-related or otherwise) must continually assess their equipment and realise the benefits of regular scaffold maintenance and when to upgrade completely. Quick and effective maintenance includes: Benefits Regular maintenance is minimal its […]

The Importance Scaffold Inspections

Importance of scaffold inspections

Scaffolds are temporary structures erected on construction sites to complete elevated work. Scaffolds exist to improve workplace safety. Unfortunately, simply assembling such platforms does not guarantee security. Accidents still occur on these structures ranging from bad luck to an incident resulting from an inadequate inspection. Failure of inspection can cause injury or death which is […]

Mobile Scaffold Tower – The Builders Guide to Safety

What is Mobile Scaffolding

What is a Mobile Scaffold A Mobile Scaffold is an aluminium structure on castor wheels that supports tools and tradesmen. Scaffold towers consist of four vertical standards connected by ledgers whereas aluminium structures use modular bracing. Mobile scaffolds provide convenient access to elevated areas and can freely move around on site without the need to […]