Mobile Scaffold Tower – The Builders Guide to Safety

What is Mobile Scaffolding

What is a Mobile Scaffold

A Mobile Scaffold is an aluminium structure on castor wheels that supports tools and tradesmen. Scaffold towers consist of four vertical standards connected by ledgers whereas aluminium structures use modular bracing. Mobile scaffolds provide convenient access to elevated areas and can freely move around on site without the need to dismantle the entire set.

Mobile scaffold towers are ideal for plastering, painting, and small repair works, each of them requiring regular movement around a site. Their modular components mean anyone can assemble them without a license, unless the tower is four metres or taller. If the latter occurs, hiring a competent scaffolder is essential.

It is important to consider the following when on the market for a scaffold.


Mobile scaffold towers are more cost-effective for residential builders when it comes to upfront costs. They are versatile and perfect on smaller budgets, and jobs where elevation required is a few metres versus a highrise.


Mobile towers reach a maximum height of 12 metres. This covers most residential sites, but in multi-storey construction, aluminium frames will be insufficient. Steel Kwikstage Scaffold is the ideal system for commercial construction sites where bays can remain in a single spot.


If the work area is continually changing and mobility is essential, mobile towers are the solution. Lockable castor wheels support frames, allowing the structure to move freely around the site without dismantling. Aluminium scaffolding saves time and money in the long-term.

Ease of Use

Mobile scaffolds make it simple for one person to erect, strip and move the structure from place to place. However, if there’s not enough manpower available when building or stripping a larger area of construction.

Safety becomes an issue because people have to hand things such as tool bags up and down as they go along – which is a high risk according to WHS standards. For any work at height closer than 2 metres (6 feet) above ground level to be considered low risk by WHS regulations – all those working on that section need SWMS training first. Mobile scaffold towers can be assembled within 10 minutes.

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