Affordable Mobile Platform

Steel mobile scaffolds are the preferred choice for a variety of industrial applications. These structures are highly resistant to impact, rust, and corrosion. Existing mobile scaffolds require considerable labor and time to assemble. A fabricated steel mobile scaffold comes in a ready-to-assembly form. It is the ideal choice for interior and exterior decoration and maintenance projects where high-rise scaffolding is needed. For jobs requiring a height of over 1.5 meters, this type of scaffold is an ideal choice. However, the most important feature of a fabricated scaffold is its ease of use and convenience.

Steel mobile scaffold are made up of main frames, caster wheels, and a guardrail system. The caster wheels are attached to the bottom of the vertical members and the scaffold is fabricated to move. The framework also includes an outrigger and guardrail frame. This prevents the scaffold from tipping over and injuring workers. Moreover, a steel mobile stairway has a lower height than an aluminum one, so it is a good choice for a smaller construction site.