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We can assist you at your site no matter the size. We supply scaffolding to tier 1 construction companies for all types of building projects including residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We provide safe solutions that are reliable and efficient at competitive prices.

Experts in Scaffolding

Our team consists of scaffolders & builders that have a combined 500+ years in the Australian construction industry. Scafeast isnt just another scaffolding partner, we provide end-to-end solutions.

Modern designs

We supply modern scaffolding systems to construction companies and plan the scaffolding process. Whether its Ringlock Scaffold, Kwikstage Scaffold, access scaffold, A Frame Scaffold or Mobile Scaffold towers … You name it and we got it.

Mobile Scaffold tower – Single Width

2M Mobile Tower Aluminium Scaffold

Foldable Mobile Scaffold Tower 2M – Single Width



Leading the industry of scaffolding

Scafeast is an Australian Construction & Scaffolding partners that has been supplying high-quality scaffold and formwork equipment to the Australian construction industry for more than 10 years. Scafeast was established in 2008 as a small business operating out of Victoria, Australia’s south-eastern suburbs.

We understand that you want your equipment to meet the needs and requirements of Australian standards. We have been in this industry for over ten years, so we know what is needed for success! Our products are sturdy with solid groundings and footings, which means they will be perfect for your next job-site or for your backyard work.

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Mobile Scaffold tower – Double Width

2M Mobile Tower Aluminium Scaffold

2M Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower – Double Width


3M Mobile Tower Aluminium Scaffold

3M Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower – Double Width


4M Mobile Tower Aluminium Scaffold

4M Aluminium Scaffold Mobile Tower – Double Width


5M Mobile Tower Aluminium Scaffold

5M Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower Double Width


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What are the most common types of scaffold?

There are two types of scaffold that are most commonly used on worksites: Mobile Scaffold Towers and Kwikstage Scaffold. Each type of work platform has its own unique benefits and limitations, depending on the height you need to perform your work at. Some Scaffolding can be as short as 10 meters tall up to 100 meters tall while other Scaffolding platforms can be close to 150 or 200 meters in the air!

The first step is to assess your current worksite and have an idea of the heights at which you will be performing your work. This will help identify what form of Scaffolding you may need.

How do I know which type of scaffold is right for me?

There are three main areas to consider when purchasing or hiring a mobile scaffold tower. The first is the overall height of the tower, followed by platform height and working height.

The overall scaffold can be tricky as there may not always be an average job in terms of elevation; however it would serve you better if you get an estimate for your work needs based on previous jobs done before deciding which model works best for what heights need to be reached while standing within the unit’s platform area.

How long does it take to assemble a mobile scaffold tower?

This varies from tower to tower, and it depends on the platform height. Typically, a tower can be assembled in roughly 10 minutes.

What does Scafeast provide?

Scafeast is an end-to-end construction supplies Manufacturer. We provide scaffolding, formwork, temporary fencing and various other types of equipment. If you have a project coming up we can map out all the requirements needed to complete it in advance and supply manpower as well as scaffoldings gear to achieve this goal! In addition to our Scaffolds’ features.

We also offer Formworks (LVL timber, plywood boards) and Temporary Fences which are essential on building sites.

Can I get same day delivery?

We’ve cut our delivery times by 80% compared to other companies in the industry. We offer same-day and even 1-hour deliveries if you are within 5 km of one of our warehouses. With over 10 trucks on hand throughout Australia, we can deliver for any business or event – no matter how small or big!

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