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The 5M mobile scaffold allows you to make a safe working platform up to 4m in 10 minutes. The pack is lightweight and compact enough to fit in most pick-up trucks.

Ideal for domestic and commercial, outdoor and indoor uses. Suitable for painting, warehouse picking, small home repairs, and shops.

The quality and design of our mobile scaffold towers meet all current Australian standards. Our strict quality control procedures ensure all of our mobile scaffolds to be completely safe to use, durable, and strong.

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Mobile Scaffold Tower 5M Foldable Single Width

The folding design allows simple and speedy erection and dismantling.  The Scafeast mobile scaffold is designed to fit through doorways which makes it a perfect option for indoor uses.  With the flexibility of the different pack options,  the Scafeast mobile scaffold meets most indoor and outdoor project needs.

In compliance with the current Australian safety standards.

Dimension: 700 x 1915 x 5000mm

1 x 2.0m Foldable frame
2 x 2.0m Ladder frame
2 x 1.0m Guardrail frame
3 x Diagonal brace
4 x Horizontal brace
2 x Stabilizer
2 x Platform with hatch
4 x 5′ Lockable wheel


  • 6′ Adjustable wheels
  • 8′ Adjustable wheels
  • Kickboard
  • Horizontal brace
  • Stabilizer


Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 2680 × 1270 × 550 cm