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604, 2020

F17 Formply Increase 10% May 1st, 2020

Re: F17 Formply Increase 10% May 1st, 2020

These price increasing are being driven by a number of factors including strong global financial pressure due to the COVID-19 virus, and the severe declining value of the Australian dollar against the USD. These factors, coupled with the level of buoyancy of activity in the construction market, […]

1010, 2019

Hop Up for V-frames formwork

We have re-stocked the hop-up for V-shore frames for your formwork need.

Call us today and find out more.

306, 2019

Conduits, Cones and Fillets 30% Off

Conduits, Cones, and Fillets 30% Off.  Limited Time Offer.  Promotion ends 30 June.

2811, 2018

Galvanized Hopup Posts

Galvanized Hopup Posts

Have problem trying to insert a small working platform on a longer ledger? We have a easy solution for you.

The 0.6m hopup has a U-Head top and a coupler bottom. Insert it between the two ledgers to create a small work deck on your scaffold. Save time, save money.

1211, 2018

Non-Structural Plywood Price Increase by 4%

Effective January 1st, 2019, our non-structural plywood price will have to increase by 4%.

These price rises are directly from our suppliers which unfortunately we must pass on.

We would like to thank you for your continuing support and trust by providing you with advance notice, you will be able to consider the revised rates in your […]

911, 2018

2M Scaffolding Safety Guardrail Posts

2M Scaffolding Safety Guardrail Posts

Our Ezy guard posts and rails are made of all steel, which provides a safe and effective work environment.
Easy to install and remove to ensure the safety of the workers.

In compliance with the latest Australian Standards. Testing report available.

2410, 2018

Flanged Wing Nut For Formwork

Flanged Wing Nut For Formwork
Introductory price: $4 + GST for a limited time only.

Save money on washier plates.

The larger pedestal allows a direct bearing on walings.


Nut + washier plate 2 in 1.

Save money save space.


1510, 2018

6m Aluminium Tubes Promotional Sales

6m Aluminium Tubes

$79 + GST compared to the usual $105. A 30% discount for a limited time.

Medium strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance.
Designed for tube clamps, key clamps, scaffolding, and many applications.
Ideal for two-plank system applications.

Length: 6m
Outside diameter: 48.5mm
Wall thickness: 4.5mm
Specification: 6061T6
Weight: 10.2kg

1010, 2018

H-frames Formwork Shoring System Safety Guide

H-frames Formwork Shoring System Safety Guide


Place 4 base jacks on the ground with a certain distance. Base jacks should be extended no more than 600mm.


Fit the Frames on the jacks, level the frames & connect the braces. Lock all the safety pins after connecting the braces.


Fit U-head jacks on top of the frames, eccentricity all parallel […]

110, 2018

1.8M Stanchions Bulk Purchase Discount

1.8M Stanchions Bulk Purchase Discount

$55 + GST for order more than 100 units.

Get your hot-dip galvanized 1.8m stanchions 20% off.

Offer ends November 1st.

*retail price $68 + gst.

1409, 2018

Steel Decking Concrete Formwork

Steel Decking Concrete Formwork

Our EzyDeck can be used as permanent formwork. They are quick and easy to install with less handling. The steel deck has an excellent strength and reduced deflection which enhances its spanning capability. Savings on reinforcement costs and concrete materials can be achieved when the steel decking acted as a composite slab.

The steel […]

709, 2018

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower Installation Guide

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower Installation Guide

Our mobile scaffolds are easy to install and dismantle.  Simply follow the steps below and you will have your mobile scaffold tower installed in 10 – 15 minutes.

Step1. Fit the caster wheels to the ladder frame. Ensure that the caster brake is on before building up the mobile scaffold. Fasten […]

2908, 2018

Get your stair voids protection to comply with the current OHS Regulations

Get your stair voids protection to comply with the current OHS Regulations

Working from Heights – what are the regulations in Victoria?

On June 18, the consolidated Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 came into effect. Prevention of Falls is part Part 3.3 of Chapter 3: Physical Hazards.

Under the regulations, the employer is required to identify and […]

2308, 2018

Temporary Stair Voids Protection – Save Lives, Save $$$

Temporary Stair Voids Protection – Save Lives, Save Money

Introduce our new Temporary Stair Void Protection System which is for sales at this moment.  The package includes the following:

Extension Brace 700-920mm
Extension Brace 920-1250mm
Extension Brace 1250-1800mm
Extension Brace 1800-2200mm
1915*600mm Plank with Hatch
2500*600mm Plank with Hatch
2500*600mm Plank Closed
Horizontal Bracket for extension brace
Vertical Bracket for extension brace

Temporary Stair Voids protect […]

808, 2018

Transform a tall mobile scaffold tower to a wide platform in 10 minutes

Transform a tall mobile scaffold tower to a wide platform in 10 minutes

With our new modular system, you can turn a high mobile tower to a wide platform in 10 minutes.

Step 1. Dismantle the top rack from the existing access tower with care.

Step 2: Divide the tower into half, install two pieces of the Scaf […]

2503, 2018

Scaffolding Tag For Sale

Scaffolding safety tags, highly visible and easy to use.
Tear and stain resistant and reusable, improve the safety of your job site.

803, 2018

New Product Available Now_ Wind Resist Plank Clip

2702, 2018

New 2018 Scafeast Catalogue Available Now

NEW 2018 Scafeast Catalogue Available Now
Browse the catalogue to find more products at our warehouses

1902, 2018

2018 Special Promotion — 5%off Mobile Tower

Good news for all the walk in customers.
All mobile towers 5%off, save up to $50.
Just 3 steps to get your special discount.

Step1 ☞ Sign in to Google/ Create your Google account

Step2 ☞ Review Scafeast & ★★★★★

Step3 ☞ Get a special discount

Valid until 31/03/2018

1602, 2017

PVC Formwork Fillet For Sale

Good News!!! PVC Formwork Fillet for sale
Only $0.9/lm
25*18*18mm* 3.0m length

Further discount for bulk buyer,
Available @ two locations in Melbourne:
Dandenong:181-183 Frankston Dandenong Rd, Dandenong Sth 3175
Maidstone:50-60 Emu Rd, Maidstone 3012

Please ring 03 9793 6351
Our sales team would assist you

702, 2017

Three board hop up with spigot

Three board hop up with spigot in stock (3 board hop up with star)
easily put handrail on the hop ups
safety and convenience

1901, 2017

New Stair Void System

Scafeast has developed stair void system
made of aluminium plank with plywood on top
easy to install and safe for using.
As manufacture direct supplier,
we do take customized order,
if you need any upgrade for your current system,
please let us know, we would assist you 🙂

We have the stair void protection system for sale. Please go to the link […]

1509, 2016

Open end Standard make scaffold as shoring frame


Open end standard makes your scaffold system doing formwork jobs,

simply put U-head jack on top of open end standard,

then you kwik stage becomes shoring frame system


Ring Scafeast Scaffold @ 03 9793 6351

Email: info@scafeast.com

Choose the best, forget the rest!


1309, 2016

2.4m Kwik Stage steel plank on sale

2.4m Kwik Stage steel plank on sale

(Valid From 12/09/2016-19/09/2016)


Best Price Gurantee

please ring 03 9793 6351

inpsection available@

Maidston: 50-60 Emu Rd, Maidstone 3012

Dandenong: 181-183 Frankaston Dandenong Rd, Dandenong Sth 3175

809, 2016

Maidstone Warehouse Opening

All Dear Customers,


With your support for the last decades, We Scafeast proundly open a new yard in Maidston,

Addree: 50-60 Emu Road, Maidston 3012

Contact: 03 9317 3867


We would offering best service supplying:

Kiwk Stage scaffold

Formwork shoring & LVL

Aluminium Scaffold Tower

Temporary Fencing


We offering special discount pick up in Maidstone yard this month

509, 2016

Temporary Fencing For Sale

NEW Temporary Fencing For Sale
EZY Fence Panel $34+gst

Concrete Feet $15+gst

Clamp $3+gst

Bracket Support  $17+gst
Please Ring 03 9793 6351
Inspection & pick up available @

Dandenong: 181-183 Frankston Dandenong Rd, Dandenong Sth 3175

Maidstone: 50-60 Emu Rd, Maidstone 3012

2808, 2016

Handrail System Available

Good News for handrail system available now.

Only add on one component to your kwik stage system,

you could immediately have your handrail system.

1.0m handrail standard

Consturction site safety rail system, edge protection system, handrail system

please ring 03 9793 6351

2006, 2016

Scafeast the formwork, scaffolding and shoring supply specialists

Scafeast distributes a wide range of quality formwork solutions. Scafeast manufactures a whole range of formwork materials for professional organisations throughout Australia. All formwork materials supplied by Royal Plywood have been certified and tested.

Our Formwork Solutions;

Table Form

D48 Shoring Frames, Shoring Flat Jacks, Shoring U Head Jacks,
H-Frames (compatible to Pafili and Super Frame),
H- Flat Jacks […]

2805, 2016

Slab Handrail System,job site handrail

Slab Handrail System,job site handrail,formwork handrail supply & install
Hand Rail System, modular kwik stage system,
Ledger as horizontal handrail,
that mean you are not only have handrail system,
but also have scaffold system gears.
save the budget, same gear support two systems

2805, 2016

Acrow Prop For Hire & Sale

Acrow Prop For Hire & Sale
 Factory Direct
All size available:

Number 00 props  610mm to 900mm

Number 0 props  1088mm to 1871mm

Number 1 props  1618mm to 2621mm

Number 2 props  1938mm to 3211mm

Number 3 props  2538mm to 3821mm

Number 4 props  3218mm to 4331mm

Hire Price  from Only $8/week (Under Qty condition)

Please Ring (03) 9793 6351

Inspection & Pick up @ 181-183 Frankston Dandenong Road,Dandenong South 3175

2805, 2016

Kwik Stage Scaffold Caster Wheel in Stock

8 inch Kwik Stage Scaffold Caster Wheel

Size: 8 inch


other Feature:Adjustable

2105, 2016

Heavy Duty Temporary fencing On Sale

Heavy Duty Temporary fencing On Sale
4mm thickness mesh, more durable

10% off for pallet buyer

44pcs in the pallet

limited time only 23/05/2016-30/05/2016

805, 2016

Mother‘s Day Promotion

Mother‘s Day Promotion


All Mobile Tower Products 5% Off for Mum’s Order

Limited Stock Only

2205, 2015

Ceramic tiles on sale, lowest prices guaranteed

Ceramic tiles, glossy white, matt white, carrara, 300×600, 300×900, wall tiles and 300×300 floor tiles in stock and on sale, lowest price in Melbourne, from AUD18.99/SQM! Just for one month, from Jun. 1st to 30th.