The Advantages of Steel Scaffolding Over Mobile Scaffolding

steel baker scaffold

When undertaking work indoors, it can be difficult to decide what kind of scaffolding is appropriate for the next DIY home project. Below outlines the advantages of steel scaffolding over mobile scaffolding.

Steel scaffolds, or alternatively, baker/perry scaffolding, are platforms known for their narrow frame. Steel scaffolds offer portability, and easy assembly and are ideal for interior work such as painting. But what advantages do baker platforms have over mobile scaffolding? We explore the benefits and downsides below

Steel Scaffolding

The most apparent difference between the two products is the material each uses. Mobile scaffolding uses aluminium while Baker scaffolding is steel. Both are durable, reliable, and lightweight. The benefit of steel over aluminium is the heavy-duty nature that gives it a greater loading capacity.

Most mobile scaffolds can hold 225kg. Despite its size, the heavy-duty baker scaffold offers a significantly higher safe working load of 455kg. For more heavyweight DIY construction, the baker scaffold is the ideal platform.

The steel baker platform is much more versatile with its height. Multiple fittings are available on the frame allowing the height of the platform to raise incrementally, depending on the task at hand. Whilst the mobile ranges offer different scaffold heights, their platforms are constrained to a singular spot on their ladder frame. 

The frames on the steel scaffold are adjustable, enabling you to work on unevenly raised surfaces such as on a stairwell. Mobile towers come packaged with adjustable caster wheels but they could not function on such a steep incline that stairs have.

The baker scaffold also does not utilise horizontal or diagonal braces found on other mobile variants. With generous open space beneath the platform, it is ideal for working around furniture or other structures.

steel baker scaffold

Figure 1: Steel scaffolding offers double the capacity of other mobile towers

The Choice is Yours

The steel scaffold offers a variety of advantages, however, the mobile tower offers other unique benefits. It is up to you to assess the workspace and decide what is best suited for the work.