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Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower Installation Guide

Our mobile scaffolds are easy to install and dismantle.  Simply follow the steps below and you will have your mobile scaffold tower installed in 10 – 15 minutes.

Step1. Fit the caster wheels to the ladder frame. Ensure that the caster brake is on before building up the mobile scaffold. Fasten the wheels with the pin.

Step2: Attach the bottom brace with black hook across sides.

Step3: Attach two pieces of the horizontal braces (gold hook) to the first row of the ladder frame. Now it is self-supporting.

Step4: Attach two pieces of diagonal braces (green hook) to the second and fourth row of the ladder frame.

Step5: Hinge the stabilizer to the vertical tube of the ladder frame. Lock the chamber.

Step6: Attach the platform to the top of the frame.

Step7: Fit the extension frames on the top of the ladder frame.

Step8: Attach another 2 pieces of diagonal braces on the extension frames.

Step9: Fit the second platform to the top of the extension frames.

Step10: Fit the guard rail frame on the top of the extension frames.

Step11: Attach 4 pieces (2 on the side) of horizontal braces to the guardrail.

Step12: Fit the toe board to 4 sides of the platform.

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