Scafeast® equipment have an extended warranty of 3 years post purchase date against manufacturer defects and machine failure. This warranty excludes wear and tear corrosion/rusting or any practices deemed unsafe.  

What should I do if I receive a damaged product? 

For online orders, please complete the following: 

  1. Communication is key, so please get in touch ASAP and notify us. 
  2. If you are located outside of Victoria, we will ask you to take photographs of the defected products and email our team members. 
  3. Once you receive the defected unit, please do not further use the product as it might violate our terms and conditions.  

Warranties and claims made to Scafeast will require 3 – 6 business days to process and between 4 – 6 business days to finalise. So please keep a 2 week period in mind when sending in a claim to avoid any unexpected delays