What are Star pickets?

Before we dig into the details of what star pickets are used for we must understand what are star pickets.


What are Star Pickets?

Star pickets are a pointy metal fence post that can act as both a fence and a fence weight assistant. The star pickets has metals stripes, typically 3 and they are called Y and T post because of the section shape and structure.

Most fences these days for commercial and residential uses are the Star Picket. This beautiful tool can either make or break your project.


What are Star Pickets made from?

Star Pickets are commonly manufactured from Steel, but you will also find that they are manufactured from wood and aluminuim. This is really depends on the the requirements of the job. 

Metal or steel star pickets offer a different use from the wood pickets. First of all the steel pickets allow mesh or barb wire to be placed through the picket. This will enable you to build out stronger and longer lasting fences. Commonly used in the backyard or at farms and construction sites.


How to choose the right Star Pickets?


Well this really depends on the job. What we would do at Scafeast is access the requirements then follow up with a plan of action to best solve the problem.


Star pickets are measured by strength (kg) per meter. So for example, a 300mm star picket or 30 cm typically has the capacity of 1.48Kg per meter. The 1.48 Kg per meter is the standard unit for the star pickets, but some companies like ours manufacture the star pickets are 1.58kg per meter to ensure the extra durability. We dont only supply for residentual use, we also supply union work sites. This ensure the long lasting durability which will put both the clients and our mind at ease. 


The below guide is an easy was to have a look at the star pickets durablity:

300mm Star Picket 1.58kg/lm
450mm Star Picket 1.58kg/lm
600mm Star Picket 1.58kg/lm
900mm Star Picket 1.58kgl/lm
1200mm Star Picket 1.58kg/lm
1350mm Star Picket 1.86kg/lm
1500mm Star Picket 1.86kg/lm
1650mm Star Picket 1.86kg/lm
1800mm Star Picket 1.86kg/lm
2100mm Star Picket 1.86kg/lm
2400mm Star Picket 1.86kg/lm
2700mm Star Picket 1.86kg/lm


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