What are the Pro’s & Con’s of Using Mobile Scaffolding?

The endless new innovations in scaffold will always lead to more confusion around which scaffold to use. We are here to end the debate for once and for all. From Ringlock scaffold, to kwikstage scaffold, Mobile tower scaffold and single-pol scaffold, all these different types of scaffolding serve different purposes and although some of them can be used outside the traditional way of use. 

Scaffolding is one of the most fundemental steps in any construction cycle or site. Scaffold is also used by a variety of different professions like carpenters, sparkies, plumbers and roofing services. Scaffolding provides a layer of protection for any individual working from heights (primary function), in saying that it’s uses can be appplied to any industry that requires working from elevated angles.

Today we will explore in depth the Pro’s & Con’s of Mobile Scaffolding/Mobile Scaffold Tower.