Temporary Stair Voids Protection – Save Lives, Save Money

Introduce our new Temporary Stair Void Protection System which is for sales at this moment.  The package includes the following:

Extension Brace 700-920mm
Extension Brace 920-1250mm
Extension Brace 1250-1800mm
Extension Brace 1800-2200mm
1915*600mm Plank with Hatch
2500*600mm Plank with Hatch
2500*600mm Plank Closed
Horizontal Bracket for extension brace
Vertical Bracket for extension brace

Temporary Stair Voids protect workers from falling down the void in a domestic construction site.


Adjustable tubes allow flexible sizes
Maximum width up to 1.8m long
Rated to 225kg SWL
In compliance with WorkSafe and Australian standards

Take safety seriously. Save yourself some money and headache from expensive medical and legal bills.
Call us today for a detailed quote.