Steel Decking Concrete Formwork

Steel Decking Concrete Formwork

Our EzyDeck can be used as permanent formwork. They are quick and easy to install with less handling. The steel deck has an excellent strength and reduced deflection which enhances its spanning capability. Savings on reinforcement costs and concrete materials can be achieved when the steel decking acted as a composite slab.

The steel deck is designed to be able to carry loads resulting from the newly laid concrete and construction materials, workers and equipment according to AS 3610 Formwork for Concrete.

The steel decking acts as permanent formwork, and it can significantly reduce spending on propping or temporary formwork. The use of steel decking allows post-tensioned slabs which can be more economical than plain reinforced concrete slabs depending on your specific work area.

There is less requirement for propping and no need for stripping. The yield strength is 550 MPa.

Ideal for Commercial and Residential floor slab construction as well as various industrial applications.

If you need formwork for concrete slabs you have come to the right place. Call us today and one of our friendly team members will assist you.