F17 FORMPLY, A-BOND GLUE, Structure formply,Australian Standard,REUSEABLE

3.Glue:100% Phenolic.Bond Type A.
4.Film:Black film with logo ’F17‘‘AS/NZS2269’.



Untreated plywood provides strong support for the forming of concrete walls, floors, roofs, frames and civil engineering structures. This Hardwood structural plywood has both side hard durable resin impregnated film surface, to give concrete a smooth finish. With a durable A-Type Marine bond it can withstand the rigours of construction moisture. Offers a class 2 finish on the first pour while high quality outer veneers make it durable and reusable.

  • Australian certified
  • Hard resin impregnated paper surface
  • Durable A type marine bond
  • Ideal for forming the structure of concrete walls, floors, roofs, frames and other civil engineering applications