FAQ – Frequently Asked Question’s

How I know which type of scaffold is right for me?

This is the million dollar question that everyone must ask themselves prior to buying or hiring scaffold, and often it will take hours upon hours to come up with the perfect solution.

Our first recommendation will be to assess your current work site and have an idea of the heights that you will be performing you work from. 

There are two types of scaffold that are most commonly used on work sites:

  1. Mobile Scaffold Towers
  2. Kwikstage Scaffold

Mobile Tower Scaffolding

The mobile scaffold tower is the mightest of all scaffold, especially the Scafeast foldable edition. This type of Scaffold is well equipped to handle any situation that any tradie will encounter. 

Here is a list of tradies that will benefit from the scaffold mobile tower:

  1. Sparkies
  2. Plumbers
  3. Chippies
  4. Gardeners
  5. Painters
  6. Plasterer
  7. Fencer
  8. Pile drivers
  9. Dredgers

The mobile scaffold tower will assist you with working from heights and will ensure you safety whilst carrying out your duties. 

At Scafeast all our equipment is sold with a 3 year warranty and a Worksafe certificate.

Kwikstage Scaffolding

Kwikstage scaffolding is commonly used on construction sites, as it covers a bigger range than the mobile towers do. The kwikstage scaffold is used to assist construction workers build complex structures.

Please not that Kwikstage scaffold requires erecting and can take some time to put together unless you have the right crew of scaffolders who can get the job done quick.

All Scafeast equipment including Kwikstage are under a 3 year warranty and we are proud to be injury free. 

How to buy the right mobile scaffold tower?

There are three main area’s to consider when purchasing or hiring a mobile scaffold tower. The three area’s are overall scaffold height, platform height and the working height.

  1. The overall scaffold height refers to the overall height of the tower. This can be a tricky thing to determine as the jobs will always varry in height, but to get a better understanding of what YOU personally might require. The best recommendation would be to get an average of the heights you work from. 
  2. The platform height refers to the height at were the platform rests within the tower. Scafeast towers have a steady measurement across of our mobile tower ranges but other manufacturer’s might have different meaturements. The platform is normally located 1 Metre below the overall height of the tower, so if you are buying/hiring a 4M mobile tower (overall height) the platform height will be 3M.
  3. The working height refers to height of the job or task that you have mind. This is an very important factor when it comes to choosing the right mobile tower height. You may also require to take your height into consideration, as this will impact the platform height requirments.


How long does it take to assemble a mobile scaffold tower?

If you are assembling the tower by yourself, it will take you 4 minutes. If two people are aseembling the tower, it will take 2 minutes. YES, it’s that easy to put it all together.

How mobile is the scaffold tower?

After the 4 minute set-up is complete, you are ready to go. When it comes to mobility, all of our scaffold towers are equipped with roller wheels with locks. The wheels will enable quick transport of the tower across the allocated working area. 


We also offer an additional set of caster wheels which offer additional height adjustments. These wheels are offered as an add-on option.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold

Covid-19 Updates

How do I purchase or hire equipment during lockdown?

We have adapted during these times and we now offer Click & Collect on all our product range. You can collect your equipment with three easy steps:

  1. Choose your equipment and checkout using Local Pick-up option.
  2. Once you have checkout with the local pick-up option, you will receive an email containing the pick-up adress.
  3. Prior to arriving to collect your equipment, please call us on 1300 181 183.
  4. Please ensure atleast 1.5m of distance between anyone and please ensure all appropriate PPE is worn at all times.