The Benefits of Scaffold Maintenance

importance of scaffold maintenance

Scaffolding provides access for hard-to-reach areas allowing builders to complete work in a safe manner. For Scaffolds to be secure, parties involved (either employment-related or otherwise) must continually assess their equipment and realise the benefits of regular scaffold maintenance and when to upgrade completely. Quick and effective maintenance includes: Removal of mud and other materials

The Importance Scaffold Inspections

Importance of scaffold inspections

Scaffolds are temporary structures erected on construction sites to complete elevated work. Scaffolds exist to improve workplace safety. Unfortunately, simply assembling such platforms does not guarantee security. Accidents still occur on these structures ranging from bad luck to an incident resulting from an inadequate inspection. Failure of inspection can cause injury or death which is

Office closing and opening dates for Christmas and New years holiday

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Season greetings! It’s been a hard year with the pandemic causing widespread disruption, so this holiday season is a great opportunity to try to restore our mental and physical strength. Most of us will be taking days off toward the end of December and our office will be closed from 25th December to 3rd January,

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower Installation Guide

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Tower Installation Guide Our mobile scaffolds are easy to install and dismantle.  Simply follow the steps below and you will have your mobile scaffold tower installed in 10 – 15 minutes. Step1. Fit the caster wheels to the ladder frame. Ensure that the caster brake is on before building up the mobile scaffold. Fasten

Transform a tall mobile scaffold tower to a wide platform in 10 minutes

Transform a tall mobile scaffold tower to a wide platform in 10 minutes With our new modular system, you can turn a high mobile tower to a wide platform in 10 minutes. Step 1. Dismantle the top rack from the existing access tower with care. Step 2: Divide the tower into half, install two pieces

Scafeast the formwork, scaffolding and shoring supply specialists

Scafeast distributes a wide range of quality formwork solutions. Scafeast manufactures a whole range of formwork materials for professional organisations throughout Australia. All formwork materials supplied by scafeast have been certified and tested. Our Formwork Solutions; Table Form D48 Shoring Frames, Shoring Flat Jacks, Shoring U Head Jacks, H-Frames (compatible to Pafili and Super Frame), H- Flat

Acrow Prop For Hire & Sale

Acrow Prop For Hire & Sale  Factory Direct All size available: Number 00 props  610mm to 900mm Number 0 props  1088mm to 1871mm Number 1 props  1618mm to 2621mm Number 2 props  1938mm to 3211mm Number 3 props  2538mm to 3821mm Number 4 props  3218mm to 4331mm Hire Price  from Only $8/week (Under Qty condition) Please Ring (03) 9793 6351 Inspection & pick up at 13B Monterey Road, Dandenong