Monthly Archives: October 2018

2410, 2018

Flanged Wing Nut For Formwork

Flanged Wing Nut For Formwork
Introductory price: $4 + GST for a limited time only.

Save money on washier plates.

The larger pedestal allows a direct bearing on walings.


Nut + washier plate 2 in 1.

Save money save space.


1510, 2018

6m Aluminium Tubes Promotional Sales

6m Aluminium Tubes

$79 + GST compared to the usual $105. A 30% discount for a limited time.

Medium strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance.
Designed for tube clamps, key clamps, scaffolding, and many applications.
Ideal for two-plank system applications.

Length: 6m
Outside diameter: 48.5mm
Wall thickness: 4.5mm
Specification: 6061T6
Weight: 10.2kg

1010, 2018

H-frames Formwork Shoring System Safety Guide

H-frames Formwork Shoring System Safety Guide


Place 4 base jacks on the ground with a certain distance. Base jacks should be extended no more than 600mm.


Fit the Frames on the jacks, level the frames & connect the braces. Lock all the safety pins after connecting the braces.


Fit U-head jacks on top of the frames, eccentricity all parallel […]

110, 2018

1.8M Stanchions Bulk Purchase Discount

1.8M Stanchions Bulk Purchase Discount

$55 + GST for order more than 100 units.

Get your hot-dip galvanized 1.8m stanchions 20% off.

Offer ends November 1st.

*retail price $68 + gst.